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Computer Repair Ocala

Prompt, friendly home computer repair in Ocala for your personal computer or laptop offered as a service by the Ocala Website Designer.

“My computer doesn’t run like it used to!”

Is your computer or laptop running slower than it used to? Are you seeing windows constantly popping up? It’s most likely a computer virus, adware, spyware or what’s called malware! It’s time to Computer Repair Ocala Pop-Ups call for help from a professional. You can find many programs on the internet that claim they will clean and fix your machine. But, more often than not, they will just add to your computer problems and create even more popups. They may also slow your computer down even more! There are even some programs that will lock your computer and demand money to then unlock your computer. (Read more…)

Searching for Computer Repair Ocala?

Search no more! I am a local Ocala IT Professional with over 30 years experience. I will clean up your computer and restore the computer system to it’s original performance. Computer hardware such as disk drives, DVD drives, keyboards, mice and monitors can also be repaired or upgraded.

What is the cost?

My rates are very reasonable. Much cheaper than the Geek Squad. Less expensive than most of the other Ocala computer repair service providers. My rates for Ocala computer repair can be found here.